Italy Flower Delivery

Italian FlagThere are a great many reasons that we send flowers. As a gesture of romance, to woo. As a gesture of love for a partner or spouse. To mark an anniversary or birthday. To show someone we're thinking of them. To say sorry. To remember a lost loved one.
From Sicily to Milano, we can deliver a beautiful bouquet ANYWHERE in Italy whatever the occasion!

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For every reason, for every person, for every occasion, and for every budget, there is a perfect flower, a beautiful bloom that says what we need to, without words. Wherever you are in the world and whatever the occasion, if you are looking for flower delivery to anywhere in Italy, but aren't sure how to find a local florist or how to communicate what you need if you can't speak Italian, we can help. 

We have an incredible range of blooms, for a range of budgets, to suit any event or occasion and can deliver to anywhere in Italy. 


Flower events in Italy

Italy in May comes alive in towns and cities across the country with flower displays known as infiorata. This flower festival celebrates Italy in a riot of carefully designed artwork created from flowers and petals.  Some places keep to a traditional, flower petal design outside a church, but others create more elaborate infiorate with a range of different petal tapestries centred around one theme, with a number of designs making up the whole. The design begins with a chalk drawing that marks out the design on the pavement, which is then outlined in organic soil to create a border for the colours. Then the design is filled with petals and seeds, in a range of colours and hues, which - depending on the complexity of the design - can take up to three days to complete, creating a complex and elaborate design. This flower carpet is then the base for a religious procession

Noto, in Sicily, is home to one of the biggest and most famous infiorata festivals, and they usually hold their festival on the third Sunday in May. In many parts of Italy the infiorate's precise date changes year by year, and is held on the Sunday of Corpus Christi - nine weeks after Easter

In the north of Rome the procession covers 3km of the pavement, with the ground entirely carpeted with flowers. Bruganto begin their work in the morning of Corpus Domini and work all day, the day ending with a procession in the evening across the flower paved streets. 

Some areas of Italy have been holding their infiorata since 1778, and the flower displays are part of the rich history of the country. 

Famed Italian flowers

Traditionally the national flower of Italy is, of course, the rose. However, as religious symbols, white poppies or white lilies are always very popular. In recent years violets have become important symbols to Italians. Violets are small, delicate flowers and they represent love, and how carefully we must treat those we love. It is a symbol of dedication and care

Roses mean many different things depending on the chosen colour. Red means love and beauty - a single bloom is given as a gesture of love or attraction. White represents purity and innocence. Pink represents gratitude and thanks. Yellow roses symbolise friendship or remembrance. Rosebuds represent girlhood.

Gardens to visit in Italy

La Cervara, in Santa Margherita, is an award winning Renaissance style garden that, thanks to a dedicated and passionate team of gardeners, has been restored to its former glory by the current owners. The restoration works have made these gardens a perfectly maintained, beautiful place to visit, kept to such a high standard it's truly like stepping back in time to a period from history. La Cervara is surrounded by sea and has stunning vistas out over the water. 

Villa D’Este, have stunning, theatrical water displays and dancing water gardens, and have influenced garden design across Europe. As a Renaissance garden the design is traditional and breathtaking. The floral displays and elaborate water fountains make this a garden that visitors love to flock to in the summer, as a display and a way to stay cool in the Italian heat. 

Trauttmansdorff Castle Gardens

Trauttmansdorff Castle Gardens, Merano was voted the Most Beautiful Garden in Italy. A botanical garden that is open to the public for recreation, there are wonderful examples of Renaissance gardens, geometric designs and, of course, the popular maze. There are also some wonderful examples of traditional English rose gardens. The gardens were created to celebrate a range of different plants and garden designs not necessarily native to Italy, and there are many different areas and designs within the gardens to interest visitors, offering a wide range of styles and flowers. Roughly 80 gardens filled with exotic plants, local blooms and interesting displays inspired by exotic locations - a Japanese forest, tea plantations, water gardens - an Austrian garden commemorating Empress Elisabeth of Austria which was added in 1898, after her assassination. The gardens are vast, with something to excite and interest any visitor and people return again and again to enjoy the displays. 

Throughout Italy, flowers are a traditional and popular way to celebrate, to woo, to commemorate, and to commiserate. Flowers have so many meanings, and can be given for so many occasions.

Whether in memory or to create new memories, flowers are the perfect way to decorate, to create elaborate displays, to perfume the air, and to create an array of colour to decorate any location. Whether a huge garden or a simple pot, a room filled with blooms or a single rose, there is a flower and an arrangement to suit any occasion. 

If you are looking for flower delivery in Italy look no further than here for a great selection, for any occasion and to suit any budget. We deliver to any address in Italy, no matter where or why, and the range of flowers and arrangements means that you will always find exactly what you need.