Netherlands Flower Delivery

HollandThere’s nothing better in life than receiving an unexpected bouquet of flowers; whether it’s your birthday and you’ve been surprised with an exotic collection of blooms, or it’s a special anniversary, and your partner has gone out on a limb and presented you with a beautiful, hand-tied collection of wildflowers, a floral gift makes your heart sing and your home look beautiful!

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Where you once would have to find a specialist florist to organise a delivery of fresh flowers, choosing and buying online is now easier than ever; We can help to advise on everything from style to colour and even foliage, and can deliver to any address within Holland and the Netherlands.

Flower events in Holland and the Netherlands

Although Holland is known throughout the world as being famous for its beautiful flower fields, and in particular the tulip displays, tulips were actually imported into Holland in the sixteenth century. During the Dutch Golden Age, a period of time now known as ‘tulipomania’ occurred, where tulips were so coveted that at its peak, bulbs would sell for several times the annual of a local craftsman.

Although tulips aren’t quite as lusted after these days, they still remain the national symbol of the Netherlands, and provide many people with joy and pleasure day after day.

From festivals consisting of breathtaking floral displays and floats adorned in blooms, to the expansive Dutch flower fields which create a riot of colour and pattern, Holland and the Netherlands are renowned for having some of the best flower-based events and destinations in the world. Particularly celebrated in this part of the world is the tulip; the season in Holland begins in January, and from mid-March to the end of May visitors flock from worldwide destinations to see the spectacular fields in the Noordoostpolder, often taking trips by train or bicycle to see as many of the bulbs as possible.

If you’re a flower fan looking to visit the Netherlands, there are many events held throughout the year which will help you decide on the timing of your trip. Tulip season begins every year with National Tulip Day, an event in January which is organised to celebrate the growing and blooming of the humble tulip; a special tulip picking garden is built on Dam Square, where members of the public can come to pick flowers for their homes for free. 

Holland Flowers Festival attracts over 25,000 visitors each year!

February sees the arrival of the Holland Flowers Festival, which is the largest indoor flower fair and market, and includes spectacular displays of gardens, shrubs, bulbs and trees – one of the most popular floral events in the Netherlands, the festival attracts over 25,000 visitors each year.

Coinciding with the blooming of the tulips is the Holland Tulip Festival, which runs from March to May and is held in Keukenhof in Lisse, one of the most famous flower destinations in the world; anyone who visits in April will not only see the spectacular tulip displays, but will also be treated to exhibitions of hyacinths and orchids, famous for their beautiful colours and heady scents.

If you’re looking for an event with a great atmosphere, the annual Flower Parade in May features twenty huge floats and cars, all decorated with colourful, sweet smelling blooms; starting at Noordwijk, it travels a lengthy 42km route, taking in Keukenhof, and then finishing in the city of Haarlem.

September sees the arrival of another parade, Lichtenvoorde, which is held on the second Sunday in September. Dozens of large and small wagons are decorated with hundreds of different types of flowers, before passing through the streets to provide a sensory treat for visitors – as well as the parade itself, there are also plenty of things to see and do, including a funfair, open air market and local entertainers.

Gardens and flower areas of interest in Holland and the Netherlands

If you’re unable to plan your trip around any of the many floral events in Holland and the Netherlands, there are still plenty of beautiful displays to witness; from the miles of flower fields, saturated with colour and pattern, to museums dedicated to beautiful blooms, there’s certainly more than enough to satisfy even the biggest plant-based appetite.

The area of Keukenhof is the world’s second largest flower garden, and is more famously known as the ‘Garden of Europe’; with several different areas of interest, visitors can take part in flower-arranging demonstrations and wander amongst spectacular exhibitions.

The Willem-Alexander Pavilion becomes the home of over 75,000 tulips in more than 600 different varieties, while the Beatrix pavilion plays host to a breathtaking orchid show.

The Bollenstreek or ‘bulb region’ is the group name given to the west-coast area where the majority of the flowers are grown; from late March, the area is a riot of colour, and visitors can expect to see a variety of beautiful blooms such as tulips, narcissus and hyacinths. As well as the outdoor displays, guests can also learn more about local history and flower growing at the region’s own museum, the Black Tulip Museum, which includes exhibits made up of prints, paintings and pottery.

Sticking with the theme of museums, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum showcases the history and cultivation of the national flower, and includes multimedia exhibitions which give the visitor a true visual treat. The museum shop is an equally valuable resource for guests; as well as stocking a wide range of tulip-based gifts and mementos, it allows American and European visitors to take home seasonal bulbs, or have them shipped to their own country.

Gardens are incredibly popular places to visit in the Netherlands, and there are literally hundreds to choose from. From botanical gardens with a wide range of plants, flowers and shrubs, to gardens surrounding historical buildings and UNESCO sites, there’s something around to suit every gardening taste.

The Arboretum Trompenburg is perfect for history lovers; dating back to the 1800’s, this garden features over 12 acres of landscaped trees, shrubs and perennials, and also offers guided walks and tea shop facilities.

Returning home from a trip to the flower-saturated Netherlands can seem disappointing; arguably the flower capital of Europe, nowhere quite offers the colour, pattern and scent that the flower fields of Holland provide. You can, however, add a taste of the Dutch to your own home by organising a flower delivery from us; choose from the classic tulip, or opt for fragrant narcissus, hyacinths and orchids, and you can look forward to filling your house with colour and scent for days to come.