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Welcome to Pricks

The Pricks daily draws are now closed.

There are enough pricks in the world – you don't need them in your home this month.

If you or a friend has fallen foul of a love-rat in the past year, we've got just the antidote. Every day between the 5th and 13th February, we'll be giving away 12 bouquets of prick-free roses and some handy accessories.
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A prick-free Valentine's Day

Daily draws to win one of our bouquets sans pricks are now closed.
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A fistful of pricks

Our free bouquets will come with two additional treats.

You'll receive a tiny box of little pricks to serve as a thorny souvenir of your love-rat. What to do with them, you ask? Previous winners have scattered them like ashes. Others have carefully placed them outside the love-rat's front door for when he next takes the bins out, barefoot. Childish? Perhaps. Inspired? Undoubtedly.

Our other accessory will ensure you never have to encounter another spineless prick ever again. Our prick stripper helps you remove thorns and foliage from your flowers faster than you can say "Rosa Damascena" (that's Latin for Valentine's Day rose).


How do I get me some prick-free roses?
This February, we're giving away over a thousand prick-free roses, with twelve bouquets to be won every day. Sign up to our weekly newsletter using the form and we'll add you to a daily draw every day until the 13th February. If you win, you'll receive a follow-up email asking you to send the recipient's delivery address and, if you'd like, a little message to add alongside. All your personal details (and those of your recipient, if sent as a gift) will be kept securely and in line with privacy regulations. You can also unsubscribe from our emails at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails.
When will I receive my prick-free roses?
All deliveries will be made on the 13th and 14th February. You'll receive a tracking notification from our delivery partner, DPD, to keep you updated on the progress of your prickless parcel.
What should I do with all these tiny little pricks?
As you see fit. You may want to put them in an urn. Or scatter them like ashes over a place that was previously special to you and Mr Love-rat. We would definitely not recommend throwing them at the love-rat's face. No, definitely not. You could always put them on his pillow though.
What on earth is a prick stripper?
A magical/very simple tool that strips a flower's stems of its inherent thorniness. You clamp it round the stem and then pull it down sharply and you'll be presented with a stem as clean as a whistle and with zero future risk of prickliness.
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About Arena Flowers

Pricks is brought to you by Arena Flowers, one of the UK's leading online florists. Founded in 2006, we have earned top ranking on the Good Shopping Guide's Ethical Company Index for the each of the past ten years, scoring 100/100 for the last five.

We haven’t used fossil-based single-use plastics in our packaging since 2017, we pioneered the industry’s first closed-loop waste system, and we continually work to reduce emissions and save resources.