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From simple, elegantly wired bridal bouquets to traditional and contemporary hand-tied bridal flower arrangements, we specialise in providing beautiful, individually designed wedding bouquets for brides and bridesmaids. Whatever you choose for your wedding bouquet, our expert team of wedding florists will listen to your needs to create stylish wedding flowers to suit the occasion - right down to the finest detail.  Just call our wedding flowers specialist advisor on 0800 0350 581 to discuss your requirements.

Pink Calla Lilies & Roses Bridal Shower Bouquet
White Rose Yellow Freesia Traditional Bridal Bouquet
Pink Roses & Pink Tulips Bridal Bouquet

Traditional Wedding Bouquets are classically arranged flowers that are generally preferred for formal or church weddings using traditional arrangements such as shower, teardrop or cascade bouquet, or round / formal posy for pretty pastel roses, tulips or calla lilies.

Orange Calla Lilies Bridal Bouquet
Long Grass White Roses Bridal Bouquet
Roses, Lilies, Tulip & Nutan Teardrop Bridal Bouquet

Contemporary Wedding Bouquets using bold calla lilies or exotic flowers bring a certain individuality to a bride on her big day. Creative use of foliage and grasses to traditional flowers like pale roses can also add a modern touch to a traditional wedding.

Pink & White Rose & Peony Bridal Bouquet
Pretty Pink Tulip Bridal Bouquet
Pink Lily White Rose Sceptre Bridal Bouquet

Pretty Pink Hand-tied Bridal Bouquets are the essential wedding flowers for any dyed-on-the-wool romantic wishing for a ceremony fit for a princess. From regal roses to fluffy summer peonies, from simple tulips to exotic asiatic lilies, if pink is your colour, we've got the bridal flowers to match!

Modern Exotic Jeweled Bridal Bouquet
Modern Exotic Jewelled Bridal Pomander
Modern Exotic Jewelled Bridal Arm Bouquet

Exotic Flower Wedding Bouquets with experimental contrasting blooms and unconventional arrangements take the individuality of contemporary wedding flowers even further. Experiment with bold or even clashing colours to create a truly unique interpretation of wedding flower design.

White & Peach Roses Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet
Grand Prix Rose Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet
Deep Pink Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet

Single Colour Rose Wedding Bouquets are as traditional and modest as bridal bouquets get, and do exactly what they say on the tin. Like all our hand-tied bridal bouquets, these can be finished in an array of materials such as colour coordinated silks, ribbon, lace or natural products such as aspidistra leaves.

White Rose & Purple Lisianthus Bridal Bouquet
Pink & White Roses Bridal Bouquet
Red & White Rose Beidermeier Bridal Bouquet

Duotone Rose Wedding Bouquets can combine contrasting or similar tones for stunning yet coordinated bouquet. Mix and match flower stems like for like or contrast roses with other flower types such as lisianthus, tulips or freesias for a highly scented bridal bouquet.

Candy Calla & Rose Bridal Bouquet
Rustic Calla & Rose Bridal Bouquet
Vermilion Calla & Rose Bridal Bouquet

Rose & Calla Lily Combination Wedding Bouquets consist of the two most popular types of wedding flower in one bouquet. Perfect for brides who just can't decide on their wedding flowers – go for the best of both worlds!

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid Bridal Arm Bouquet
Orange Calla Lily Bridal Arm Bouquet
White Phalaenopsis Orchid Bridal Arm Bouquet

Arm or Presentation Wedding Bouquets are long-stemmed flowers tied together so that they are carried in the arm. Particularly suitable for combining with a long flowing wedding dress for a thoroughly contemporary bridal flower theme.

Green & White Rose & Tulip Spring Bridal Bouquet
Roses, Lisianthus & Tulips Summer Bridal Bouquet
Rustic Autumnal Informal Bridal Bouquet

Seasonal Wedding Bouquets are a cost effective solution for your wedding flowers as flowers that are in season are not only traditionally better value for money but generally better for the environment too! Seasonal bridal bouquets can also reflect the colour scheme of the time of the year that the wedding is to take place, for instance you may like to utilise rustic colours for an autumn occasion.

Calla Lily & Rose Autumnal Bridal Bouquet
Calla, Rose & Freesia Autumnal Bridal Bouquet
Deep Burgundy Jewelled Autumnal Bridal Bouquet

Autumn Seasonal Wedding Bouquets are fast becoming a fashionable choice for bridal wedding flowers as more brides choose to choose a more cost-effective low-season wedding ceremony. Enter warm hues of russet, burgundy and orange for a seasonal display of sophistication.

Red Rose & Amaryllis Scepre Bridal Bouquet
Midwinter Teardrop Bridal Bouquet
Christmas Posy Bridal Bouquet

Christmas Wedding Bouquets are fast becoming a popular choice with the growth of yuletide weddings. Midwinter flowers such as amaryllis and poinsettias make a striking addition to bouquets and floral displays, and are a unique perk of holding a Christmas wedding. And there's that extra excuse for experimenting with glitter or gold ribbon for that extra special Chrismassy touch.

Red, White & Blue Rose Beidermeier Bridal Bouquet
Cosmos 'Black Beauty' Bridal Bouquet
Red, White & Blue Rose Bridal Bouquet

Bold Colour Wedding Bouquets are another increasingly popular choice as they evoke passions and personality, especially if you prefer something a little different or alternative to traditional pastel colours. Black wedding flowers are becoming particularly sought after for civil ceremonies, and our Black Cosmos bouquet makes a thoroughly striking impression.

Pink Aqua Rose Bridesmaid Bouquet
Blue Hydrangea & Parrot Tulips Bridesmaid Bouquet
White Rose Bridesmaid Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquets usually coordinate with the bridal bouquet but complement their dress. In most cases bridesmaid bouquets are a smaller version of the bride's bouquet, however our wedding team can guide you with tips for creating the perfect complementary set of bridesmaid bouquets or, for younger bridesmaids, bridesmaid wands.

Single White Rose Bridesmaid Wand
Peach Roses Looped Bridesmaid Bouquet
Peach Rose Bridesmaid Bouquet

Single Colour Rose Bridesmaid Bouquets again coordinate with the bridal bouquet, taking the most simple flower from the wedding flowers theme to form a versatile arrangement. A range of styles are available from one single rose for a small child to a full bouquet of roses.

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