About Arena Flowers

Welcome to Arena Flowers – one of the leading online florists in the UK, offering the highest quality flowers from around the world at excellent prices. All of Arena Flowers’ bouquets and flower arrangements are not only beautiful and fresh, but also affordable and great value – as flowers should be.

We believe that flowers in the UK have been overpriced for too long and that UK flower lovers are not getting what they deserve in terms of flower and bouquet quality. We believe that at Arena Flowers we’re different, because we cut out all the wholesalers and middlemen that add time and money to your flowers, and because we strive to give the best possible experience to our customers.

So, when you buy an Arena Flowers bouquet, the flowers will reach you or your intended recipient several days fresher than if they had come from almost any other UK florist. Plus you won’t feel you’ve had to pay a king’s ransom for your flowers.

Learn more about Arena Flowers and our history on our Wikipedia page.

Arena Flowers in the News

Arena Flowers in the news

Don't just take our word for it - read about Arena Flowers in the news.

Arena Flowers Awards

We've also won awards, both for our services and our floristry and it makes our mums very proud. In 2008 we won the Silver Gilt medal at the Royal Horticultural Society's flower show at Hampton Court Palace. See our other awards.

Arena Flowers in the news

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Where do our flowers come from?

Our buying team purchase Arena’s flowers from the Dutch flower auctions, or direct from growers in the UK, the Netherlands, Kenya, Ecuador...the list goes on. Our buyers don't just look out for great deals on flowers and plants for our customers, but also ensure that the flowers we sell meet our ethical policy and quality standards; we visit many of our growers every year to check.

A significant benefit of sending flowers with Arena Flowers is that you will know exactly where they came from – your flowers come from us.

Strange as it may sound, that isn’t the case with old fashioned relay organisations that will take your order and pass it on to an unidentified partner, via taking a healthy commission, of course. It is therefore impossible for relay organisations to guarantee value for money, quality, freshness or provenance of flowers.

At Arena Flowers we will only ever relay an order on the rare occasion that we are not able to fulfill an order ourselves with our own flowers and distribution – usually when customers have an urgent need, such as for same day deliveries.

Find out more about our views on ethical sourcing, Fairtrade flowers and the environment here.

What’s it like to be an Arena Flower?

Life is sweet for an Arena flower. Our flower stems are purchased, conditioned and brought to the UK often within 18 hours of being cut. When flowers arrive at Arena Flowers HQ they are conditioned again and our florists then work their magic and the flowers are sent to our customers as soon as they’re ready. Conversely most florist shop bouquets will be have been sitting in buckets in a warm shop for many days before they are sold, so they won’t look as beautiful or last nearly as long in the vase as ours.

So how do we do things so quickly? Because we buy our flowers from flower auctions and growers every day and cut out middlemen, we can keep storage as short as possible so our customers get the best & freshest flowers. Guaranteed.

An Arena Flowers bouquet can easily be handed to you less than 40 hours after the flowers were still in the ground growing.

The Arena Flowers Team

What makes Arena Flowers different?

1. Quality and value are our passions

We are an established florist. We are not a relay organisation, we do not use middlemen. We buy our flowers directly, selecting the best, freshest flowers. We use our own florists to hand make every bouquet that we send out.

You get the best value and the freshest flowers, every time.

2. Award winning florists

Our team of florists have won awards for their work. They are an expert team, trained in-house. They use their expertise and their passion for flowers to hand-select every stem in your bouquet.

You get a hand-tied, lovingly made bouquet, every time.

3. Personalise your order

Because every order is bespoke, you can add those personal touches. Choose from a wide-range of cards, balloons, chocolates, wines and soft toys. Add a unique message. Even send a photo or video message with your flowers.

You get a personal and unique gift, every time.

4. Complete peace of mind

Our easy-to-use website allows you to create a bespoke gift for all types of occasions; you can select your delivery date, make your order deluxe. Since we recognise each occasion and order is special, to give you peace of mind you can track your order at all times and we will let you know the moment we know your gift has been delivered.

You can be confident that your order is in safe hands, every time.

5. We're here to help

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team are on hand to help you at any point, whether it's to choose the perfect bouquet or to help write the personal message. If you have any concerns or questions about your delivery, they are a phone call or email away and are always happy to help.

You don't have to worry, we're here to help, every time.