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Have you been inspired by the gardens and beautiful countryside in Peterborough and the surrounding area of Cambridgeshire? Now you can bring this into the home of a friend loved by ordering flowers online at Arena Flowers.

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Our flower delivery means your chosen bouquet can be delivered to the door of your intended recipient, and they can experience the beauty of flowers in Peterborough in their own home.

Flower events in Peterborough

There are a number of flower and garden events happening in Peterborough and the surrounding area all year round, so there is always something for budding gardeners to get their teeth into. Here are two of the highlights of the Peterborough flower calendar.

The Cambridgeshire Garden Show

At the Goodmanchester Centre on Kings Bush Farm, the Camrbidgeshire Garden Show brings together all thing garden and flower related in the county. From demonstrations and talks to competitions and product launches, it showcases everything that is new to the world of flower and garden design in the area. Now in its eighth year, the show also includes live animal demonstrations and a food market and cooking tent, so you can learn how to use the flowers you grown in your garden in your kitchen.

The Cambridgeshire County Show

A partner of the Garden Show, the Cambridgeshire County Show is a tradition in the area. Focusing on all things rural and agricultural, with a specific emphasis on farming and growing techniques, this show is for anyone interested in picking up hints and tips to help with their gardening. It boasts demonstrations from experts, new products, and a wide range of agricultural and gardening stalls and tents. The main events are a flower arranging contest organised by the Young Farmers Association and an animal competition.

Gardens and flower areas of interest in Peterborough

Situated in Cambridgeshire, there are plenty of gardens, parks and green spaces in Peterborough and the surrounding area. From country houses to National Trust parks, you're sure to find something to interest you. Here are three of the most varied and beautiful gardens in the area.

Elton Hall Gardens

The gardens surrounding this stunning country house have existed in one form or another since the medieval period. In their current state surrounding the main hall, the gardens we see today were designed and built over the Edwardian and Victorian eras, and you can see the influence of both these styles on their design. With a topiary and an arboretum, as well as more traditional flowerbeds, hedges and herb gardens, Elton Hall is Edwardian and Victorian splendour at its best. The new additions to the garden to mark the Millennium, including a Gothic Orangery and garden, merge seamlessly with its traditional features.

Lyveden New Bield Garden

Recently acquired by the National Trust, Lyveden New Bield is an unfinished building dating back to the sixteenth century. Built by Sir Thomas Tresham as a testament to this orthodox Catholicism, the building has now been opened to the public. The traditional Elizabethan garden is as mysterious as it is beautiful, with hidden nooks and crannys throughout waiting to be explored. Its lined pathways and opulent flowerbeds are complimented by traditional terracing and hedges. New additions to the garden include a fruit orchard, and a path connecting the various parts of the estate.

Grimsthorpe Castle Garden

This Grade 1 listed building and its topiary and flower gardens are famous throughout Cambridgeshire. Designed and built as recently as the 1960s by the Countess of Ancaster and John Fowler, this contemporary garden makes the most of the surrounding woodlands, with orchards and paths merging with the woods at its edges. Its beauty lies in its intricacy and attention to detail, with trimmed and patterned hedges surrounding the main house and delicate flowerbeds in the fields. The garden also encompasses a vegetable patch, growing rare and ornate species, and a topiary showcasing the incredible talent of the gardeners on site.

If the gardens around Peterborough and Cambridgeshire have inspired you to start gardening, why not also give this gift to a friend or loved one? Ordering flowers online for delivery from Arena Flowers means that you can choose exactly what you want and have it delivered to the door of the recipient. Whether you're looking to replicate the Elizabethan gardens of Lyveden, or the Edwardian and Victorian splendour of Elton Hall, flower delivery means you can have it matched to your specifications and sent directly to your friend or loved one. For single flowers and small bouquets, or large celebratory pieces and complex arrangements, try ordering flowers online today.

Did you know that for Peterborough deliveries:
  • - most common recipient name is Susan
  • - average order value is £36.00
  • - most popular bouquet is
  • - most popular variety is roses
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