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Is marriage in the air? The question has been asked? The champagne is flowing? Celebrate the happy occasion with a beautiful arrangement of romantic blooms.

Or are you celebrating an anniversary? Whether a 1st anniversary or 60th, we have only the finest freshest flowers to make a very special and memorable day. We’re here to deliver an experience that will be remembered. Looking for the right flowers to celebrate that special anniversary?

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Sending engagement flowers

An engagement announcement is often met with a lot of pleasure from all family and friends. There are fewer more wonderful things to celebrate than the union of two people who love each other. Sending flowers to celebrate is often a very thoughtful gift.

After the excitement of an engagement dies down, there is often a wedding to organise, which can be quite a stressful event, so having a beautiful bouquet of flowers around is a lovely way to remember the joy of the engagement when the stress of having to organise a wedding starts to kick in.

Like sending congratulations flowers, sending flowers for an engagement is an easy way to express your pleasure in a spontaneous way. You can order up to 5pm (Monday to Friday) for next day delivery. You can add all sorts of extra gifts to the order as well, such as champagne, chocolates or balloons.

An engagement is a very special time in two people’s lives and you want to choose an appropriate gift to help them celebrate it. Often flowers which are dramatic or light colours which they may choose for a wedding, such as white roses or white lilies are suitable to send for engagements. Alternatively, something romantic such as red roses would be appropriate.

A marriage proposal and engagement is often very romantic, and some of the most famous includes:

-    Tom Cruise who proposed to Katie Holmes after a candlelit dinner at restaurant in the Eiffel tower.

-    Seal proposed to Heidi Klum at 14,000ft in a igloo he had built on a glacier in Whistler.

-    Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton on holiday in Kenya after carrying around the engagement ring in his bag for the whole holiday

Whether the engagement was very dramatic, flamboyant or just simple and heartfelt, two people committing to spend their lives together is a big step and should be celebrated in style.

Celebrating an anniversary with flowers.

Anniversaries are often very personal events you wish to celebrate or mark in some way.  This could be a wedding anniversary or a death but for whatever the occasion you wish to mark, making the moment personal is an important aspect of the celebration.

For wedding anniversaries, there is a tradition of giving something of increasing value each year to mark off the time spent married.  These are traditional gifts which vary from country and give rise to names such as “Golden wedding anniversary” (which means 50 years of marriage).

This varies between countries (for example in the United States, the modern tradition is to give a clock on the first anniversary, and electrical appliances on the 4th anniversary).  There are also traditional flowers which can be given to celebrate an anniversary. 

To give you a guide for traditional flowers and gifts to give for anniversaries, please see the list below:

One year anniversary  - Paper or Carnations

Two year anniversary – Cotton or Lily of the valley

Three year anniversary – Leather or Sunflowers

Four year anniversary – Linen or Silk and Hydrangea flowers

Fifth anniversary – Wood or Daisies

Sixth anniversary – Iron and Calla lilies

Seventh anniversary – Wool and Freesias

Eighth anniversary – Bronze and Lilac

Ninth anniversary – Pottery and Bird of paradise (or Strelizia)

Tenth anniversary – Tin and Daffodils

20th anniversary – China and Aster flowers

25th anniversary – Silver and iris

30th anniversary – Pearl and lilies

40th anniversary – Ruby and gladiolus

50th anniversary – Gold and yellow roses

60th anniversary – Diamond

70th anniversary – Platinum

And if you reach a 90th anniversary – Stone!