The days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in and the leaves on the trees are a-changing colour... yes it must be autumn! We may be just a season away from winter but, have no fear, autumn brings with it its own glorious range of seasonal flowers, giving us enjoyment from the richness of nature's very own colour palette of autumnal hues.

Autumn flowers & flower care

All too fast the halcyon days of summer are behind us and autumn is upon us with its shorter days and cooler temperatures. We can still expect some lovely warm, sunny days, but mists will hang over the fields in the early morning and later there is a smell of wood smoke in the air.  And, just as the colours of the leaves start to change from bright greens to glorious reds and golds, so our flower preferences for autumn flowers also tend to be the golden, red and yellow hues.  After the lush greens and pastels of the summer flowers autumn flowers bring rustic red, vivid orange, golden yellow, subtle bronze and deep, velvety brown into our homes.

As the temperatures start to drop and the nights draw in, people spend more time indoors so it’s a perfect time of year to send autumn flowers to brighten up the home with a floral display of seasonal flowers.  Autumn is a great time of year to send flowers as there is such an abundance of colours and textures to choose from; the vivid colours will be sure to cheer up a loved one as memories of summer start to fade.

Whilst autumn is a wonderful time of year for florists with the wonderful range of flowers and textures available, because autumn flowers are grown under glass this means that the cost of the flowers increases.  However, most autumn flowers are more resilient than their summer counterparts and have increased longevity.  As with all cut flowers, autumn flowers need plenty of water and all foliage which might be beneath the waterline should be removed.  Cut flowers should always be kept in a cool, shaded environment away from draughts and the regular changing and topping up of their water should keep them fresh.

Some of our favourite autumn flowers are:
Chrysanthemums which are available in almost every colour and are wonderful for autumn flower arrangements because the blooms will last between one and two weeks.
Roses are also available throughout the year in a wide variety of colours.  In the autumn the wonderful orange and yellow roses are usually the most popular choice but our deep red roses are eternally popular for that special romantic gesture.
Gerberas with their wide variety of autumnal colours are very popular in autumn bouquets and their daisy-like form adds interest to any bouquet.
Hydrangea are always a favourite choice because of their spectacular textured appearance and continue through the early autumn months; they come in some wonderful terracotta tones which are perfect for autumn bouquets.